amity Gaming
Community Rules

# No racism or bullying allowed in any form!
Should you encounter such activities, please do not hesitate to report the post or contact an administrator directly.

# We'd appreciate it if our administrators would keep amity as their only community, to prevent conflicting interests.
(Note: this is not a restriction)

# All administrators must enter a valid reason whenever they warn, kick or ban someone from either the forums, the community or the servers.
Forum bans can be appealed by e-mailing to info [at]

# Administrators are obliged to report to a Leader before officially warning, kicking or banning another community member, along with a good reason and proof for the actions taken.

# Leaders and Counselors have the right to deny new applicants at any time (veto right), but they are obliged to state a valid reason.

# Managing ban appeals is done by the community management.
If you have any questions regarding your ban-appeal contact them through PM or e-mail (info[at]

Forum Rules

# Be respectful to your fellow members and other users at ALL times

# Spamming, post farming (posting useless, meaningless and/or 1-worded posts), bumping old topics or double posting is forbidden.
Doing so repeatedly will result in an official warning.

# The spoken language on the forums is English. Repeated use of other languages will result in an official warning.

# Please stay on-topic!

# Posting 18+ (pornographic) content is forbidden. Doing to will repeat in a warning and/or temporal mute.

# No recruiting/advertising for you website, your server or anything else; unless you have been allowed to by an administrator.

# Multiple warnings will result in a ban.

In-game Rules

# Cheating in any form is forbidden for all members and players; doing so will result in a permanent ban from the community, servers and/or forums.

# Respect administrators and their decisions at all times.
If you think an administrator has made a wrong decision, please do not hesitate to report him for abusing rights in the appropriate forum section.

# We appreciate it if you represent us by wearing the tag (amity) in our and other servers.

# To be recognizable by your fellow members and/or (regular) players and to avoid any mistakes, all members should wear their original name in the servers.

# All administrators are obliged to put valid reasons for every warning, kick or (temp-)ban.
They are also obliged to record demo's for every ban, and supply the demo number along with the cheat used in the reason of the ban.

Please keep in mind not all violations and exceptions are written here, if you feel something is disallowed but not in the rules, it's probably disallowed. Please do use common sense in all situations.